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DSM Online- Prime Membership

DSM Online- Prime Membership


Doesn’t the world look a little too beautiful when you get everything in front of you laced in a silver platter? When success follows you at the bare minimum smart work? When your business flourishes and reaches great heights without even being set up on-premise or a physical store? The sheer joy to hold an online business growing with the supervision of experts and professionals! Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?!
We (DSM ONLINE) provide you a platform where you can manage your business smoothly and efficiently. The power of selling online combined with our magical marketing strategies will bring to the most exquisite experience of all time. Small and Large local sellers from all parts of the country have joined in with us to benefit from our specially tailored program to reach the maximum users over the internet. With special plans to enhance seller portfolios and branding, it has become a piece of cake to sell online with the help of DSM Online. We have currently 100+ big and small sellers enjoying the exclusive PRIME. Start your selling journey with us and expand your business reach to an unmatchable level.

Join the Prime Membership now to avail these specially catered benefits as a seller!!

1. Product Advertisement On Regular Basis.

2. Product Handling & Listing Support.

3. Special Query Telephonic Line.

4. Weekly Business Support.

5. Promotion over Social Media Handles

1.Advertise your product on DSM PRIME

There are a lot of sellers present on the DSM Online website. All of the DSM Sellers are equipped with great quality services and amazingly maintained products. The product range that they offer is truly impeccable.

When you are a part of such a diverse group of DSM Sellers who are all great at what they do, it won’t be too easy for the customers to find you. Your listings can get lost in the swirl of other merchants' listings. Is there a way out of this? Well, the key to this is the Prime Membership!!
You get access to unique DSM PRIME content as part of your PRIME subscription.
Your PRIME membership entitles you to have your listed products advertised on the HOME PAGE, where a custom-created banner will promote them. This advertisement banner will help you reach out to potential clients (24 hours a day, 7 days a week). Sounds convenient and super cool, right!
Well, this is your time to shine, leap forward to grab your customers with the prime membership.

2. Listing & Handling Support For DSM PRIME

Your merchandise, as you are aware, must be published on our platform. This will necessitate the setup of a system via which you can upload your products for sale. It's fine if you can handle these on your own. If not, don't be concerned.
We give the same help with your PRIME membership when it comes to listing and managing your goods. Non-PRIME sellers will only receive listing assistance, whilst our PRIME members will receive both.
Subscribe to DSM PRIME and set yourself free; we'll take care of the rest.

3. Special Query Telephonic Line For DSM PRIME

We want to make things easier for merchants. A hotline will be provided for PRIME Sellers.
All of your concerns and queries are important to us.
We are eager to hear from our PRIME Seller and are committed to resolving any difficulties as quickly as possible.
We've set up a HOTLINE to help you with any issues you're having with DSM ONLINE. Following your membership, our PRIME seller will receive the HOTLINE number.

4. Business Mentorship Support weekly

We believe that communication between the sellers and the team is the ultimate ladder towards success. And that is why we have brought this special communications and guidelines support for our Prime Members. The PRIME membership allows you to communicate with our team of business enhancers and marketing experts.
Under this scheme, our team will provide this benefit of expert guidance to PRIME sellers on a weekly basis.
The staff will advise you on how and what to list from your goods to boost your selling ratio.
Our staff is adept at anticipating market demand for items based on quantity and quality.
We have catered these special resources just for you to help your business grow.

5. Promotion Over Social Media Platforms

We all know that the young, the youth, and the elderly, all of them, spend a considerable amount of their day on Social Media Platforms. Keeping this in mind, the Members of the Prime Membership receive the benefits of getting promoted on various social media platforms by DSM Online. With the wide user base and perfectly curated social media marketing, the Prime Sellers will reap a lot of benefits throughout the year!